Why use Lime To repoint?

Natural Lime has been used for over a thousand years.

If your building is more than seventy years old then it is almost certainly constructed using lime. Brick or stone your building is better off being repointed with lime because:

1. Lime Mortar looks far better!  If you repointed using grey cement your old building would look like a new build.

2. Lime Mortar will make the stone or brick last longer!  Cement accelerates the rate of masonry decay.

3. Lime Mortar is flexible, if there are any very small movements in the building then the pointing will not

crack and fall out  like  hard cement will.

4. Natural Lime is far more environmentally friendly to produce than cement, its production makes far C02 and actully absorbs CO2 when it sets .

5. Lime mortar is breathable- therefore it will help to protect your building against damp.

The use of cement in buildings is one of the main causes of damp problems. 

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